My Story

In 2018, I shot my first wedding and it just so happened to be my sisters.⁣ Since that day, I’ve been hooked on capturing the joyous moments and endless tears, laughter and celebration of a wedding day.

I haven’t always shot weddings though, I’ve dabbled in the travel videography space and live entertainment business as well.

Ever since I can remembered, most likely around age 12, I’ve had some sort of camera in my hand. Do you remember disposable Kodak cameras? You probably do and if you don’t, YES, those were a thing!

Photography/Videography, it’s always been an extension of who I am. When I was growing up, my mom had scrapbooks full of family vacations, holidays and life events – all of these memories I would have otherwise forgotten. It still brings me joy to look at those scrapbooks and see how important it was to have someone there to capture those special moments.

As a videographer, I aim to capture “the moment”, the connections between people and their surroundings. I want to tell a story through my lens and encourage others to share this story for years to come. I want my couples to look back on their wedding day and reminisce about every part of the day, to hear the laughs, to remember the venue setting and the family and friends who attended on the biggest day of their life.

Honestly, my main goal is to make you happy and my only hope is that you have tears of joy after watching your video.

Passion Projects

Travel & Adventure Videos

Watch a few travel inspiration videos. Stop dream. Start Seeing!

Fun fact's about Nick

  • Lover of all the gelato and drinker of all the craft beer
  • Skilled graphic design artist for your wedding signs, invitations, banners and welcome boards
  • World traveler. Has traveled to over 25+ countries and over 150+ cities
  • Huge Chicago sports fan
  • Loves his wife and family
  • Has a need for speed and loves ATVs, UTVs and his dirt bike

“I want to make films that you absolutely love! There is no in-between”