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Web Design

We know that a web design is no longer constricted to the desktop, it needs to be responsive, right? It is a multi-device application that extends to tell a message, portray a brand and connect to the consumer.

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Graphic Design

Every design starts with the fundamentals: the left-brain, a pencil, and a sketch pad. Being able to interpret your thoughts and convert them to graphical elements is what sets our team apart from everyone else.

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Social Media

Out of sight, out of mind… and out of mind can mean out of business. Contact us today to be sure your marketing is up to par! Stay close to your current customers and are visible to potential customers!

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Ever wonder why you can name and remember all your favorite companies? In order to establish a presence in the consumer’s mind and attract and keep customers, you need branding.

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Sylvester Design & Graphics
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Sylvester Design & Graphics focuses on providing high quality and professional work to the small business and entertainment industry. We treat each project differently and with great attention to detail. No project is the same, right? All projects are different and each project needs to meet specific goals and expectations. It's important to work together so that in the end both parties are happy and satisfied with the end result.

Sylvester Design & Graphics separates itself from other design and graphics companies because we are laser focused and feel the need to dig deep into a client’s mind to really understand the business. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and fulfill all your objectives. Let’s build something together!

Some of our services include Web Design, Graphic Design & Social Media Marketing